2015 Good reasons to love Corno

Corno's Vernissage in Miami 
For Corno, 2015 was a colorful and intense year.It ends in style with a solo exhibition in Miami, opening on December the 4 during Art Basel. Corno unveiled fifteen new paintings. Held at Markowicz Fine Art Gallery for a period of one month, the exhibition was a great success.


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Live Painting at AKA Gallery"Male Torsos On Red" #1, #2, #3 and #4 by Corno

Corno, Live painting at the AKA GalleryEarlier, in April, Corno organized a fund raising for the Foundation of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital as a live painting event at the AKA Gallery in Montreal. Under the eyes of her fans, Corno painted four male models. This event inspired Corno achieving four paintings "Male Torsos on Red" and their reproduction on plexiglass in limited edition.


New canvases for summer

"Azur", 60'' x 48'' and "Face On Flluo Yellow" 60'' x 72'',
For th summer, Corno painted two seasonable canvases: “Azur” and “Face On Fluo Yellow”. Victims of their success, these works were exhibited to the public only briefly. "Face On Fluo Yellow" is now available in limited edition on cornostudio.


Acrylics on paper: pure style

During the fall, Corno organized ​​two “vernissages” at the AKA Gallery. For the first, in September, she unveiled a series of acrylics on paper. These unique works reveal Corno’s style in its raw form. Two works from this series are still exhibited at the AKA Gallery.


"Still Life... Alive": Brand new series by Corno

In November, the second opening marks an important turning point in the career of Corno. She presents a series of paintings of a new kind, floral Still Lifes, nearly abstract. Unveiled for the first time at the AKA Gallery, this series will also be represented in Miami next month. Some of these Still Lifes are still available at AKA Gallery.

Ready for 2016?

With the enthusiasm aroused by the Miami exhibition, 2015 was wind of creative energy and an impulse that announce year 2016 to be an explosive one.

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