Pure & Undisputed : Corno’s Drawings

Corno est une artiste reconnue internationalement pour ses grandes toiles aux couleurs flamboyantes, mais elle crée aussi des dessins extraordinaires, utilisant l’acryliques sur papier. On reconnait tout de suite son coup de pinceau et son style passionné. Voici quelques images de ses oeuvres récentes: des visages d’hommes aux regards touchants , et des nus , comme seulement Corno peut dessiner.


It is well noted that Corno, is an international caliber artist; praised for her large paintings and skilled use of vibrant colors, large strokes and texturized finishes. She is equally adept at her Dessins, using acrylic paint as her medium of choice. What we love most about her drawings, is the pure state of her artistic abilities; raw and undisputed. Common to her most famous work, she focuses on faces and torsos; of males and females alike : sexy, veracious and refined.  

Below are images of some of her most recently sold drawings. To view more of her available work, please visit

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