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L’art rend notre vie plus belle car c’est  une source d’ inspiration et de bonheur. Quand on a la chance d’avoir chez soi des oeuvres d’art qui nous touchent et qui nous éblouissent, on a toujours hâte de rentrer â la maison.


Art is a beautiful thing. We believe it represents life, imagination and endless possibilities – an expanded view of what could be. We always say, purchase a piece that you love; one that speaks to you. And while art can be appreciated in all forms and in all places, there’s really nothing quite like seeing a piece in all its glory, mounted in a physical space; complimenting and enhancing its surroundings. And so we wish to share with you all, some of our favourite living spaces that include our very own, CORNO.

This piece here is a print in a gold frame; and now finds its home in a beautiful apartment, in the famous Habitat 67 building complex – a piece of art, in and of itself. Talk about modern cool.

 Here we have an original female face; with Corno’s classic big lips and eyes. The client chose to frame the piece in black; and if we do so say ourselves – wow.  The client is a Montreal resident, Corno enthusiast; and doubles as an IT specialist by day. It was true love at first site..


This piece is so special, the client (living in Quebec City) purchased the painting, without ever seeing it – the picture was all he needed, to know she had to be his. Also available in plexi prints and in two size formats; which can be found at :

 Last, but certainly not least we have the Boy in Blue. This is a stunningly beautiful original, if we do say so ourselves. This piece now finds its home in Boston; so we actually like to call it, “The Boston Boy in Blue”. The beginnings of this painting can actually be seen coming to life, in Corno’s documentary (suitably titled, Corno); the movie came out in March of 2013 and made available on dvd in November of the same year. For your own copy, and to dive more into the world of the most special Ms Corno, we invite you to visit us at:

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