Corno’s Art Shines for Justin Bieber at posh VIP event in Toronto

Corno’s art was prominent at a glitzy celebrity-filled VIP Toronto party celebrating the engagement of Jeremy Bieber (Justin Bieber’s father) to Chelsey Rebelo as well as the birthday of Corno collector Andy Curnew.

The event featured several paintings of Corno prominently displayed throughout the luxurious home, large Rodin sculptures, paintings from the Sir Conrad Black collection, a mural by graffiti artist Nicholas Sinclair, as well as acrobats, fire jugglers, wild animals including a tiger, a camel, a baby lion, a kangaroo.

VIPs included Justin Bieber who spent a few hours relaxing with family and friends and who was the only guest lucky enough to pet the tiger and live to tell the story. Other guests included Lady Conrad Black, the full Dragon’s Den team and many other prominent guests.

eTalk’s Ben Mulroney introduced the event on camera. Media around the world were buzzing with talk about this unusual and extravagant event that will long be remembered for its size, diversity, entertainment and sheer glitz.

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