"Cornographie" Book

By Corno E-Store


Cornographie, the artist’s first book, is a colorful and humorous autobiographical account of this flamboyant contemporary artist’s adventures and encounters upon moving to New York city.  It is currently only available in French.

Here is a translated excerpt from the back cover:

“Corno had an enviable reputation when she decided to move her studio to New York city in 1992 in order to begin an international career.

Her account depicts the ups and downs of life in the Big Apple, her first exhibition, her first apartment, adventures and encounters that make up the life of an artist on the way to the top.

Life in New York is not always simple but it is certainly never dull and especially, it is most stimulating for the creativity of the painter. Corno loves New York, its overflowing energy, its animation and its inhabitants. Her chronicles resemble her paintings: vibrant, colourful and expressive.”

Available in French only

Les Éditions La Presse

191 pages