The Immortal Corno

After a life of creation and international success, Corno is leaving posterity much more than her work. Her unique and explosive style influenced the world of contemporary art and continues to inspire artists. She touched our minds with her vision and the strength of her energy leaving in her wake the fleeting and dazzling brilliance of a comet racing through the sky. With paintings exhibited around the world, her signature is imprinted on the pages of history.

In order to keep Corno’s work alive, to protect her images and to manage her rights, her collaborators are determined to preserve what she built. In Montreal, after two months of transition, AKA Gallery gathered a collection of the last paintings of Corno that were still available and reopened its doors at the end of February. “This is my gallery,” she has been heard to say with a childlike pride. Today it is our duty to include her work as part of our heritage and to give it the recognition it deserves.

The website will be completely functional in the coming days and will continue to represent Corno worldwide. It will be possible to discover the archives of her work, retrospectives of her career and the fruits of her influence. Lucky collectors will also be able to acquire the last available limited edition prints that were signed and numbered by Corno.

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