Corno event: Cocktail 5 to 7 at AKA Gallery with DJ Frigid

Thursday, July 20, AKA Gallery will receive collectors and fans of Corno to celebrate summer with music and a glass of champagne. An exhibition which consists of unpublished original paintings and sketches, as well as the last limited editions signed by the artist will be presented for the occasion. Punctuated by DJ Frigid’s electro avant-garde and lulled by the vibrant energy of Corno’s works, this cocktail will pay tribute to a life of creation and success.

A vernissage held at AKA Gallery Wednesday June 21 revealed a unique collection of Corno drawings. These works are among the last original creations of the artist that are still available. These rare pieces reveal the essence of her style. The lines of force that give rise to the energy in Corno’s art are represented in their purest form. This raw and deep expression of the natural movement of the body exalts a fully-mastered technical gesture and creates an aesthetic shock. The collection will remain on display at the Gallery until July 4.

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