Corno`s Eye Contact: Expressing Emotions in Paintings

Look Me in the Eyes

Eye contact is one of the most developed, non-verbal forms of communication. It is the first contact between a mother and her newborn child. It can communicate mistrust or sympathy. As a powerful filter, the eyes translate what the soul wants to express.

A gaze is beyond words. Containing rich stories tinged with thousands of feelings and emotions, a person's gaze often remains mysterious to the one being gazed upon. What sets Corno`s portraits apart from the rest are her subjects` intense eyes. Her ability to visually capture a wide range of expressions with such affinity and depth of emotion, is masterful. Corno`s subjects are strong, vibrant, courageous. They are also vulnerable, soulful, complex. There is an intimacy only she can create and express through the eyes. Whatever the emotion, the gaze is always penetrating and goes straight to the heart of the viewer.

Looking Further

Are you able to find which Corno painting belongs to each of these sets of eyes down below? Explore Corno’s artwork in our "Gallery" page and give us your answers in the comments!







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