A New Giclée Print By Corno


Painted in the summer 2015, "Face on Fluo Yellow"  (60" x 72") is now available in limited-edition Giclee prints (24" x 29") on cornostudio. This is a print run of 50 editions. You may discover more giclée prints by Corno on cornostudio and at Montreal AKA Gallery.



The term "giclée" was borrowed from French by the American inventors of this printing method in 1991. It is a digital process which allows high-resolution images of original artworks to be printed using a professional ink-jet printer.  

The first step in the realization of a giclée is creating a digital image of the original artwork. The image is captured under studio conditions using a high-definition camera. Once the image is captured, a photographer then meticulously processes the image by comparing it against the original piece so as to perfectly match the two. All prints are examined during the printing process before being signed and numbered by the artist.

The giclée technique offers the possibility of reproducing original artwork on different types of supports like paper or canvas. It also allows printing in several formats. Since the current printing technology achieves outstanding high-quality results, this process is becoming more common in the art world. It tends to be favored over traditional printing methods such as serigraphy or lithography.



Made in New York, Corno's giclées are printed in limited number on 100 % cotton, museum-quality paper. The velvet-like characteristics of this surface ensures the highest quality rendering and lifelong duration of each print. They are individually examined, numbered and signed by Corno. She is very selective in choosing the paintings to be reproduced into giclées as only a small handful are selected. She also chooses the formats and edition sizes. Certificates of Authenticity are included with each Corno giclée.
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