In his book Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Kandinsky wrote “White works on our souls like absolute silence, a nothing full of possibilities”. Often disregarded or wrongly considered as a lack of color, white is full of symbols and physical properties.
A synthesis of all colors, white produces a very strong impression of luminosity. It is only by comparison that the human eye is able to discern different shades of white.
According to Kandinsky, in occidental cultures, white is associated with peace as well as purity of the body and mind. In art, white can be seen as a universal starting point, a neutral background on which unlimited creations can emerge. Although Corno paints with bright colors, White remains omnipresent in her work. It is the color of her picture frames, her walls, her floors and ceilings, it is the color of her New York studio and her Montreal AKA Gallery. It is the empty white page she fills with burning letters, the moments of silence she breaks with bouts of laughter and cries onto her canvases...
Texte: Charles Giraud
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