Well known for representing faces, Corno’s art often arouse the same question: does she use models?

Not necessarily. Many paintings by Corno are pure creations of her mind. However, she is more than able to paint the real. In September 2015, she made "Victoria Portrait" on commission.


Already famous for her Marilyn, she added to her portraits of stars those of Kate Moss, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat in 2014 with her series “Creative Chaos”.


In 2010, Corno made a portrait of Quebecker singer Eric Lapointe for the cover of his album "Le ciel de mes combats".


What defines Corno’s portraits is the skill of the artist to capture the essence of her subjects. Beyond facial features, Corno paints the energy and the deep character of her model.

It is possible to order a portrait by Corno via her own Montreal art gallery, AKA Gallery, at 514.847.9539.

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