Thursday, September 3, Corno welcomed her fans and friends at her gallery in Montreal, AKA GALLERY. A new collection of acrylics on paper and two new paintings were unveiled during the event.

A few hours before the big opening, the atmosphere is already electric. 4:43 p.m.: THE ARTIST ARRIVES. The staff scurries and gathers around her like a crew to their captain, ``Welcome Corno!`` The warm reunion is quickly replaced by excitement as the party gets under way. Bottles of champagne crack open, it's show time! We all want to talk to Corno, shake her hand and have our picture taken with her. We clearly see she loves her fans just as much as they love her. Tonight, she radiates on every level!

Everyone loved the new works, we're certain they'll go fast...

Works are exhibited at AKA Gallery. If you missed the opening night, you can come and see Corno`s new drawings at 51, St-Paul Street west in Old Montreal. We will be glad to see you!


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