Corno x Corno = Corno²

In April, Corno conceived her first large-scale Lenticular installation measuring 8 x 8 feet. Created using four paintings from her Male Torso on Red series, this impressive and unique structure projects two different paintings on each side. The Lenticular system plays with light and movement. Depending on where the viewer stands, the position of the torsos change as though they were moving in different positions. The entire piece is lit up from the inside. The intensity of the lighting can be controlled by a dimmer switch which allows for different effects and color enhancements.
A smaller version is available at AKA Gallery. A custom-made installation can be ordered using your favorite Corno paintings. In the Male Torso on Red piece, we see the flexed muscles come to life, simultaneously exuding a raw sense of strength and sensuality.


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