Un grand collectionneur à Soho.

Récemment le site internet 'CURBED N' a visité l’appartement du collectionneur Xavier Guery, à Soho. Né en France, M. Guery a fait ses études universitaires à Paris et depuis dix ans il a travaillé à Londres, Frankfurt et New York. "Il a un goût exquis qui reflète parfaitement le style de vie d’un homme d’affaires international" a écrit Curbed New York. Il est très ami avec l’artiste peinte Corno et il possède deux de ses œuvres. Récemment son appartement a servi au tournage du film ‘This is where I leave you‘, avec Jane Fonda.

Curbed recently visited a SOHO home for their column “House Calls”. The apartment belongs to an avid contemporary art collector, Xavier Guery. Born in France, Mr Xavier attended University in Paris, worked in London, Frankfurt and New York City for the past ten years. “To put it simply, Xavier is an international man with tastes that reflect an eclectic life” Curbed NY. Xavier is also friend to international artist, CORNO and owns two of her works, as can be seen in the pictures of his artistic NYC home, where true to his European roots, he loves to host dinner parties and entertain great conversations about his artwork. His home is so wildly beautiful that it has been used for many films, with the most recent one being This is Where I leave You. We think Corno’s artwork makes for the perfect backdrop for any film – wouldn’t you say?

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