CORNO in the Warholian

The Quin hotel has announced the launch of Creative Chaos, a new collection of work from internationally renowned painter, CORNO.

...The celebrity portraits in the collection fittingly evoke a certain Warholian quality, as well. With renderings of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Basquiat, and Warhol himself, CORNO may share an inclination toward popular luminaries, but she defines herself through the way in which she captures emotion from within. CORNO celebrates the enduring spirit of these stylistic visionaries and their unique, singular, approach to visual representation of complexity, independence, and individuality—all of which are also synonymous with the artist. Such energy is evident in all of her pieces, and as with Warhol, New York City has proven to be a catalytic canvas.

For the full article on the Warholian: Quin Hotel Launches Creative Chaos Exhibit by Corno in New York City

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