Show Stopper

C’est un beau Dimanche ensoleillé dans le Vieux Montréal.  Plein de passants se sont réunis devant la vitrine de la galerie AKA, rue Saint-Paul , pour admirer la dernière oeuvre de Corno: un immense portrait de Marilyn Monroe, sur fond orange. 50 ans après sa mort, Marilyn attire toujours les foules…


It is a beautiful Sunday in Montreal and even more so on St Paul West, home of AKA Gallery. Dozens of people walking by gather in front of one of our huge windows to look at, take pictures of, comment on and be mesmerized by the larger than life painting, of Marilyn Monroe on display. From the commanding height to the sensual expression in the eyes of this incredible Corno piece, the public seem to be hypnotized. Ms Monroe`s iconic face is brought back to life, by the equally iconic artist, Corno – in an alchemy of textures, brush strokes and intense colours.

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