Ms Marilyn Monroe in all her glory : Corno Style

Marilyn dans toute sa gloire.

Les "Marilyn" de Corno demeurent parmi les oeuvres les plus populaires de l`artiste. Corno a crée récemment de nouveaux portraits de la star disparue il y à 50 ans. Ainsi Marilyn demeure éternelle et sa beauté continue de nous séduire. 


Corno is well known for her talent in portraiture; and even more so, in respect to her paintings of the timeless beauty, Marilyn Monroe. And timeless she is. These paintings remain some of the artist’s best selling pieces; and we continue to see new interpretations of her beauty, through the  eyes and brush strokes of Corno.  Her ever seductive stare, and undeniable allure; brought to life time and time again...

 Available at Corno`s own Aka Gallery : 51 St Paul West, Montreal QC

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