What's New in the Wonderful World of Corno : Exhibition May 29th, 2014

Quoi de neuf dans l’univers de Corno? Ce jeudi 29 mai, Corno présentait ses nouvelles oeuvres à la Galerie AKA de Montréal. L’éternelle beauté de Marilyn Monroe et quelques nus féminins font partie de cette exposition. Champagne et petites bouchées étaient servis aux invités. Nous partageons avec vous quelques photos prises lors de ce vernissage.


This past Thursday, AKA Gallery celebrated Corno’s newest artistry. The pieces were stunning as usual – showcasing vivid portrayals of the eternal beauty, of Ms Marilyn Monroe and nude torsos of the ever sensual, female figure. And though Corno is well known for her large paintings, this exhibition presented as well, some smaller pieces (yet equally captivating).

The festivities included, champagne, tasty hors d’oeuvres and beautiful people, coming together in the name of ART. The gallery, alwawork.ys radiant, was even more so; with the good vibes flowing, from Corno’s darling fans. And for those who weren’t able to join us, we share with you a taste of the evening.

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