Corno: Retrospective

Corno’s career is full of exciting events that more often than not have generated intense media interest. Here are a few highlights to come to mind.


Did you know that in 2015, her exhibition at Markowicz Fine Art Gallery during the Miami Art Basel event was a show stopper at this prestigious event? Did you know that at the Corno Live Painting fundraiser for the Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital Foundation Corno painted live male models in front of 300 people. The celebrity turn-out full of glitz and glam helped make the event hot and sexy.


The documentary film Corno directed by Guy Édoin premiered at the 2013 International Festival of Films on Art and was the winner of the Audience Award showing just how beloved Corno is to her fans. At about the same time, the exhibition A Piece of Canada at Opera Gallery Dubai was sponsored by the Embassy of Canada to the United Arab Emirates and the Consulate General of the UAE and celebrated the growing cultural ties between Canada and the UAE, reflecting Corno’s role as a Canadian artistic ambassador.


Corno’s 2012 collaboration with Lancôme for the creation of a new line of products based on one of her murals remains an exciting fashion and beauty event tailor-made for an artist whose vision of feminity has always been part of her appeal. The hot pink palette that inspired a luscious bright pink lipstick is now legendary. This same year she made her second guest appearance as guest artist at the acclaimed  Luminato Festival in Toronto.

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